Policy for External Collaborators

Accounts - for people who were at the Institute

  • will remain intact for 90 days after departure

  • reduced access will be imposed after 90 days

  • home areas will be limited to 250MB

  • access will be restricted with special rights given for various servers/clusters and tools/applications

Accounts - for external collaborators

  • A reduced access account will be setup:

    • no email account

    • home area limited to 250MB

    • restricted rights to servers and applications

Code Repository

  • Codes on the SVN server will be allowed to remain on the server as long as the individual continues to actively collaborate with the Institute’s faculty

  • Code repositories should be restricted to source and documentation only (essentially no data) - Data related to the repository should be placed in the group or centers work area with permission from the group/center Director. These rights will be granted on a user by user basis. - For external collaborators, SVN repositories must be owned by Oden Institute faculty/staff


  • Specific rights to use the Institute’s licensed software packages will be given on an application by application basis for all programs contained on general Institute servers. - Other software may be installed on th “External Users Servers” and will be available for use by external collaborators as long as the individual continues to actively work with faculty. – For example AVS and Cubit could be installed on the “External User Servers” and accessed by anyone with application righs.

Access to Oden Institute Network(s) via External Users Servers

  • To facilitate continued remote interactions, the Institute will purchase (or designate) a small number of servers (and/or workstations) that will provide:

    • an access point for remote users to log into

    • a location for running small jobs or installed applications if needed

    • an access point to other system on the network if permissions are granted

    • a small temporary storage area that is not backed up

  • These servers will be maintained as follows

    • standard OS distribution and updates

    • will not be backed up


  • Will be maintained for all home areas

    • for external users this is only 250MB

  • Group/Center designated areas will be backed up on the present schedule and archived as needed

  • The External Users Servers will not be backed up => for offsite individuals files that need to be backed up should be copied and/or moved to the Group/Center storage area.

TACC Resource Access

  • Individuals participating in joint projects may remain part of the working group after leaving the Oden Institute without effecting their access to TACC resources.