Welcome to the Oden Institute

Welcome to The Oden Institute for Computational Engineering and Sciences. This document will give you a quick introduction to the computing resources available in the institute, login instructions, and ways to find more information.

You should have received a paper containing your username and password. If you did not receive this, please contact the person who created your account.

Please email RT if you if you find any incorrect or inaccurate items in these documents.

Getting Help

Want help fast? Read over this FAQ about how to help us help you get resolution to your problem, Getting Help.

Important Note

This is an online document. If you are reading a printed version of this, please visit http://www.oden.utexas.edu/sysdocs/ for the most recent version.

New developments

We are currently working on a refresh of Ubuntu and will be upgrading from 18.04 to 22.04, skipping 20.04. There will be a few minor changes to this release, notably the Intel compiler modules. More on this can be found here Intel OneAPI. Please read over the Ubuntu Upgrade and our Ubuntu 22.04 guide