User Accounts

Shell Accounts

Shell accounts are requested by the Oden Institute administrative staff and are sponsored by the PI in the group or center. Shell accounts are login accounts to access institute desktops, group servers, clusters and resources.

New User account request

  • User ID’s should be unique and not based on EID’s. A typical form of a uid is the first initial of their first name with the full last name.

  • All information in the new user request should be filled out.

  • The actual account creation is done by Sysnet.

Oden Institute Guest Accounts

  • Guest accounts are created for users that need access to resources such as the wiki and subversion (svn).

  • Guest accounts do not have access to clusters, desktops, group servers or UT’s wireless accounts.

Guest account request

Wireless Accounts

Complimentary wireless internet access and Eduroam:

  • A new complimentary wireless Internet access service utguest is now available as a courtesy of The University of Texas at Austin. utguest provides campus visitors basic WiFi Internet access (web and VPN). Visitors simply select utguest to connect (no accounts, codes, coupons, or charges are required).

  • UT Austin faculty and staff now have access to Eduroam, a WiFi service that enables faculty, staff, students, and affiliates to obtain Internet connectivity at colleges and universities worldwide. University colleagues visiting our campus also will be able to utilize Eduroam.

Account Expiration

  • Upon leaving the Oden Institute and UT, accounts will be expired after 90 days of being notified by Sysnet.

  • Please provide a forwarding email address in the event we need to contact you about your shell account.

  • Expired accounts will be permanently removed after expiration and users are asked to remove all files.

  • Persons continuing to collaborate with institute will need to read the policies regarding External Collaborators.