What graduates say about the impact of the CSEM Program on their careers:

“Tremendous.  The best program for computational engineering and sciences in the world.”
2006 PhD Graduate

“The impact was significant.  I was able to focus my career on what I wanted thanks to the PhD.”
2009 PhD Graduate

 “The CSEM Program made a significant positive difference in my career – it trained me to tackle complex problems in an interdisciplinary manner by combining intuition-based engineering/physics with precise mathematics and efficient computation.  The CSEM Program also gave me access to excellent professors, many of them serve as role models to me even now.”
1998 PhD Graduate

“The techniques and thought processes I picked up [in the CSEM program] were instrumental to my development as a scientist.  The interdisciplinary freedom the program gave me incredible exposure to a variety of academic fields, giving me a well-rounded set of skills.”
2012 Master’s Graduate

 “Helped me improve mathematically, logically, and personally.”
2009 PhD Graduate 

“It exposed me to rich research problems in scientific computing science, provided important training across several disciplines, and helped me begin to make important professional connections.”
2000 PhD Graduate 

“The training and experience I gained from the CSEM Program are invaluable.  It really helped me perform my current job well.  I am especially thankful for the research experience in an HPC environment.”
2010 PhD Graduate

 “The CSEM Program provided a rich research environment.”
2002 PhD Graduate

“The CSEM program provided me with a strong background in numerical analysis and computational methods.  This solid foundation has allowed me to participate in meaningful and productive multi-disciplinary research projects that have lead to important contributions to science and engineering.”
2008 PhD Graduate 

“The connections made at the CSEM program allowed me to land a job and my research during my graduate studies was invaluable in pursuing a career at Sandia National Lab.”
2002 PhD Graduate

“ICES opened me to the full potential of interdisciplinary work.  My understanding of computer science and engineering was deeply impacted, making me a more competent and engaged team member.”
2012 Master’s Graduate