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CSEM Program Contacts:

Chair of the Graduate Studies Committee
Todd Arbogast

Graduate Adviser
George Biros

Graduate Program Coordinator
Stephanie Rodriguez


Helpful Links

University Academic Calendar

UT Graduate School

Parental Accommodation Policy - To assist students in balancing the demands of their academic and parental responsibilities, the Oden Institute is committed to providing necessary support and accommodation. 

Graduate Degree Planner - The Graduate Degree Planner is an online tool designed to help you understand your degree requirements. It can help you chart your progress as you work with your Graduate Coordinator and Adviser to plan your future coursework and complete your degree.

Course Schedule - The course schedule is published before advising and registration begin for each semester. It lists each class being offered, its time, location, instructor and unique number. The online schedule also provides registration instructions and essential information.

Registration Information Sheet (RIS) - Your RIS lists your addresses, advising info, access times, and registration bars. Check your RIS about two weeks before registration.

My Tuition Bill - Your tuition bill shows tuition and fees due by semester.  Waivers and third-party payments are displayed on your bill. Log in to your tuition bill before the payment due date to make sure you see the message, "Your registration is complete and your courses are secured."

CSEM Student Wiki Page - Information sharing for current students about classes, prelims, candidacy process, etc. Sign in with your Oden Institute user ID & password.

Graduate School Deadlines and Forms - Includes Master's Graduate Guidelines and Deadlines and Doctoral Graduation Deadlines and Submissions Instructions, as well as other Graduate School forms.

CSEM Candidacy Check-list - Outlines steps to complete to enter PhD candidacy, from from submitting the proposal abstract to applying for candidacy.

Advancing to PhD Candidacy - Graduate School Guidelines and application instructions.

Resident Tuition Entitlement - Information for non-residents of Texas on resident tuition entitlement eligibility. Graduate students who seek a resident tuition entitlement by reason of employment in a qualifying job title or by reason of the employment of a spouse or parent who holds a specified teaching or professorial position must submit the request online at https://utdirect.utexas.edu/acct/fb/waivers/index.WBX

International Student and Scholar Services

International Student Health Insurance Waiver - International students may request an insurance waiver if they are covered by an alternative insurance policy that meets the basic requirements of the UT Health Insurance Plan.

Grievance Policies for Graduate Students

Faculty Development and Diversity Course Offerings from NCFDD - The National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity is an independent professional development, training, and mentoring community for faculty members, postdocs, and graduate students. We are 100% dedicated to supporting academics in making successful transitions throughout their careers.


Prelim Exams - Study Packets

Area A-CAM
Area A-CSE
Area B
Area C

Education Credits

US Citizens & Permanent Residents

Students who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents are refunded most of this money by taking advantage of education tax credits (namely the Hope tax credit and Lifetime Learning tax credit) when they file their federal tax returns. The Lifetime Learning credit is 20% of the tuition amount.

Taxes that are withheld from tuition payments appear on your federal form 1098-T. You can view it online once it's been calculated and prepared by January 31st. You report this information on IRS Form 8863. Your wages are reported on your W2.

To have an idea of your tax rate, see federal withholding tax rates on UT Payroll's website.

The purchase of textbooks is also a qualified education expense.

F-1 Visa Holders (most international students)

International students must create a record on GLACIER to calculate their taxes.

These students are not entitled to education credits. Please consult the International Office for details about what you may be eligible for, for example if you have a child. However, you might be eligible for an exemption if your country has a tax treaty with the United States.