CSEM MS Requirements

While the Computational Science, Engineering, and Mathematics (CSEM) program offers both MS and PhD degrees, we are primarily a PhD track program. We admit a limited number of Master's students each year and do not have funding available for Master's students.

(The requirements below do NOT apply to students in the 5-year CS/CSEM integrated program. For sample degree plan for the 5-year program, please see the Integrated 5-year BS CS / MS CSEM Program page.

Specific Requirements

Students entering the Master's program are expected to have an undergraduate degree in engineering, computer science, mathematics, or a natural science such as physics or chemistry.

The master's degree can be earned with approved coursework and optionally, a report or thesis (see below for more information). The student may fulfill any of the following options:

  • Thesis option: 24 credit hours of approved coursework plus 6 credit hours of thesis preparation (30 credit hours total)

  • Report option: 30 credit hours of approved coursework plus 3 credit hours of report preparation (33 credit hours total)

  • No Thesis/No Report option: Earn 36 credit hours of approved coursework without a thesis or report

Regardless of the option chosen above, the course of study must include 24 credit hours of approved coursework chosen from courses in the three CSEM concentration areas: Area A (applicable mathematics), Area B (numerical analysis and scientific computation), and Area C (mathematical modeling and applications):

  • At least six (6) hours in Area A
  • At least six (6) hours in Area B
  • At least six (6) hours in Area C
  • Courses must be taken on a letter-grade basis

All requirements of the Graduate School must also be fulfilled.

The student's overall grade point average must be 3.0 (B) or better.

Policy on Master's Reports and Theses

No university document distinguishes clearly between a report and a thesis in terms of length or scope.

CSEM policy:

A report is a library project, reviewing what scholars have said about a particular topic, and a thesis is an original contribution to knowledge in which a novel analysis or argument is offered, a problem is analyzed using a new or previously untried framework, or data about a subject is collected and analyzed. The work required to produce the document is expected to be equivalent to 3 credit hours for a report and 6 for a thesis.