Alumni Resources

Dr. J. Tinsley Oden and CSEM Alumnus Jesse Windle
Dr. J. Tinsley Oden and CSEM Alumnus Jesse Windle

Oden Institute hopes to be a resource for its Computational and Applied Mathematics (CAM) and Computational Science, Engineering and Math (CSEM) alumni across Texas, the United States and the world in everything from networking to recruiting, continued learning to events. Below are some of the most common resources for alumni.

Receive regular updates from Oden Institute

You may stay in touch and receive the Oden Institute newsletter and other information about Oden Institute alumni events and news by filling out an alumni update form.

Publish job openings

Use the CSEM and Oden Institute Facebook pages to post job openings at your company or institution. 

Share Good News with the ICES Alumni Coordinator

Contact Becky Rische (becky@ices.utexas.edu) to tell us about new jobs, new babies, weddings or other milestones in your career or personal life.  Photos are welcome!  We may publish these in the semi-annual newsletter and on the ICES website.


If you have a need or a question outside of this, please do not hesitate to email Becky Rische at becky@ices.utexas.edu or call 512-471-4978 for more information.