Why GNU/Linux

We believe that GNU/Linux is a scientific-grade OS: stable, results are reproducible, remote support is easy, upgrades are rapidly available and understandable. We use Linux because it is free and runs on cheap hardware, and it provides users with a comfortable and featureful computing experience.

We believe that Microsoft ® is looking out for its best interests even when those clash with those of the users, system administrators, and the other network users. Additionally, support is spotty and upgrades available only by the grace of Microsoft ®, and even then not always compatible with our practices and preferences.

There are many more reasons that we choose Linux over Windows ®, and we are firm in our decision not to support Windows ®. It is our belief that this presents a better user and administrator experience. Please let us know if you need help figuring out how to do something in Linux.

The following links are useful for those wishing to know more about Linux.

  • http://www.linux.org - A central source of Linux information and as a voice for the promotion and advocacy of the Linux operating system

  • http://tldp.org/ - The Linux Documentation Project

  • http://openhpc.community/ - Linux based HPC distribution used at Oden Institute

  • http://www.ubuntu.com/ - Linux distribution to be deployed at Oden Institute in 2019 These documents aim to help understand the Oden Institute Linux environment (desktop, cluster, etc).

Linux Guides

General information and guides for supported Linux distros