Can I encrypt my laptop myself?

Yes, if you wish to encrypt your laptop yourself, you may do so. However, you will still need to sign up for a date on which you will bring in your laptop and demonstrate to Sysnet that it is encrypted.

As you prepare to encrypt your laptop, please review the ITS documentation:

Installing SecureDoc

If you wish to install SecureDoc on your own, ITS has made documentation available:

Other Encryption Methods

For Linux systems, the approved method of encryption is LUKS (Linux Unified Key Setup). Documentation for LUKS may be found at

If you have a dual-boot Mac, please contact RT for instructions

If you have a dual-boot Windows/Linux PC, you can try using these instructions to encrypt your system:

Data Back Up

As with any system modifications, it is strongly suggested you back up your data before encrypting your machine. If you need a storage device to back up your data, Sysnet has some 1TB drives available for check-out.