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Building a world-leading cooperative research and education program in Oncological Data and Computational Science to accelerate progress against cancer

University of Texas System Oden Institute TACC MDA

Collaboration in Oncological Data and Computational Science

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Research Center, The Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) and the Oden Institute are collaborating in oncological data and computational science research. The strategic initiative creates a unique opportunity to align mathematical modeling and advanced computing methods with oncology expertise to bring forward new approaches that can improve outcomes for patients with unmet needs. Bringing together MD Anderson’s oncology expertise and data with novel mechanism-based computational modeling and data science techniques led by researchers at the Oden Institute and TACC, this partnership supports not just cancer research but also the training and development of teams that will lead computational oncology research into the future.

University of Texas System Oden Institute TACC MDA

Seed Projects

The following nine active seed projects bring together researchers from seven different units at UT Austin and six different departments at MD Anderson.

Projects awarded Sep 2020

Projects awarded Sep 2021

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