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Advancing the frontiers of computation for society’s big problems.

At the Oden Institute, we conduct interdisciplinary computing research that is advancing scientific discovery, driving engineering innovation and transforming the future of individualized medicine. Oden Institute research brings together foundational mathematical, statistical and computational elements with applications that cut across science, engineering, geosciences and medicine. We take pride in the depth and rigor of our research foundations in computation, as well as the broad scope of our research applications.

Research Areas

Computational science is underpinned by mathematical models and simulations that help us understand physical and natural systems. This approach is used across a broad range of fields — fostering new and transformative, cross-cutting research. Here are some current areas of transformation.

Centers and Groups

There are 25 research centers and groups within the Institute. Our centers and groups bring together faculty, research staff, students and external collaborators to advance the foundations and practice of computational science, engineering and mathematics.

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Programs and Awards

Programs and Awards

The Oden Institute offers opportunities for postdoctoral fellows and visiting faculty to work with our interdisciplinary community, cultivating research excellence.

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The Oden Institute engages in a variety of collaborations with worldwide partners ranging from academic institutions, government and national laboratories and industrial partners. Elements of these partnerships may include the development of joint research projects, the exchange of visiting scholars, as well as jointly hosted meetings, research seminars, workshops, and symposia.

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