J. Tinsley Oden Faculty Fellowship Research Program Application

Application Guidelines


  • This fund is to be used to support senior visiting scholars. Students, postdoctoral or permanent employees are not eligible.
  • Length of visit to the Oden Institute must be from a minimum of two weeks to a maximum of one year.
  • Priority is given to visitors who interact with sponsors who are active in the Oden Institute research activities.
  • The following expenses incurred during the visitor’s stay will be the responsibility of the faculty sponsor: copying, all mail, long distance charges (including faxes).
  • The Oden Institute must comply with the UT travel policies concerning maximum expense allowances for state or local funds. If a faculty sponsor arranges hotel accommodation for a visitor and exceeds the required limits, it will be the responsibility of the sponsor to cover the exceeded amount.
  • Please refer to the payments and reimbursements guidelines applicable to all program participants.
  • Honorarium is given only in rare cases that are approved by the Oden Institute director.
  • Please note that J-1 Visas can require three months or more of preparation time. If you think your visit may require this Visa status, please contact the Program Coordinator immediately to discuss visit details and submit application materials as soon as possible.
  • All visiting fellows must be sponsored by a Oden Institute faculty member. The sponsor is responsible for submitting a completed application for his/her candidate and for communicating with the Program Coordinator concerning special arrangements such as visas, lodging, etc. The sponsor is also expected to function as a host of the visitor.
  • Due to increased immigration requirements, the Program Coordinator must be notified of visa requests at least three months before the visitor’s arrival date. Any delay could significantly affect the visitor’s arrival date and/or payments.
  • Before payments or reimbursements are processed, visiting fellows are required to submit to the Program Coordinator, a one-page summary of research conducted during the visit.

Please note that all persons affiliated with the University are currently required by law or UT policy to take certain compliance training within the first 21 days of university affiliation.


Application Materials


An application form for each proposed visitor must be submitted by the announced deadline to Melissa Manifold, Program Coordinator (melissa@oden.utexas.edu). 


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  • Application Form (fillable using Adobe Acrobat v7.0 or above).
  • Curriculum Vita
  • Brief narrative of proposed research Application materials should be submitted to: Oden Institute Faculty Fellowship Research Program Attn: Melissa Manifold, Program Coordinator The University of Texas at Austin 201 E. 24th Street, POB 4.102 Austin, TX 78712-0027 For email submissions, all documents must be PDF formatted. For questions regarding this program contact the Program Coordinator at (melissa@oden.utexas.edu).