Moncrief Undergraduate Summer Internship

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The Moncrief Undergraduate Summer Internship Program is organized to provide summer support for qualified undergraduate students of mathematics, science, and engineering to work within the Oden Institute for Computational Engineering and Sciences during the summer months. Interns work with faculty and research staff from one of the Oden Institute's 24 research centers and groups on one of a wide range of research topics. Research activities generally focus on developing modeling and simulation methods to study problems in areas such as energy, advanced materials, biomedical research, nanomanufacturing and related areas that draw on applied and computational mathematics, computing, fluid mechanics, solid mechanics, mathematical physics, and biology.

-- Now accepting applications for Summer 2021 --


Eligibility Requirements

For participation in the Summer 2021 program applicants must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents* who are currently enrolled in an undergraduate institution and will be entering their junior or senior year in Fall 2021.
*International students may apply if they are currently enrolled in a U.S. institution.

Internship Information

  • Stipend: $9,000
  • Internship Dates: June 7 - August 13, 2021
  • Interns will be assigned a faculty supervisor in one of the Oden Institute's Research Centers or Groups and will work with faculty, graduate students, and postdocs.
  • COVID-19: Based on current conditions related to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is expected that the 2021 internship will be conducted in a remote format. If conditions improve and we are able to conduct the program in-person, we will update all applicants/interns via e-mail.

Application Deadline: February 1, 2021

Applicants will be notified of decisions by March 5, 2021.

How to apply


Submit the following materials to the Internship Coordinator via the Application Materials Uploader located below:

  1. Summer 2021 Internship Application form
  2. Resume
  3. Personal Statement - write a 1 page (double-spaced) statement describing why you wish to participate in the Moncrief Summer Internship Program. You may include your past & current research experience and state your post-graduation career goals.
  4. A copy of your official transcript(s). PLEASE NOTE - this is a COPY of your official transcript (i.e. get your official transcript, scan it, and then upload it.) Copies of unofficial transcripts (such as those printed from your university's website) will NOT be accepted. UT AUSTIN STUDENTS DO NOT need to upload their UT transcript. Provide your UT EID on the application form and we will access your transcript.
  5. Two (2) letters of recommendation (letters should uploaded directly by your references. Please provide them with the link to this page. PDF format is preferred.)

Application Materials Uploader


Please review our Program FAQs for important and helpful information about your application and the internship.

For questions regarding this program, please contact:

Previous summer research topics

  • Dynamic Mode Decomposition and Spatiotemporal Data Analysis (2019)
    Supervisor: Chandrajit Bajaj
  • Parallel Randomized Cholesky Factorization (2019)
    Supervisor: George Biros
  • Optimizing a nonlinear pathway for the Molecular Dynamics with alchemical steps algorithm (2019)
    Supervisor: Ron Elber
  • Prediction of Amino Acid Sequences to Decipher Protein-Protein Interactions (2019)
    Supervisor: Song Yi
  • Continuous Normalizing Flows within Pipes (2019)
    Supervisor: Chandrajit Bajaj
  • Second order optimization methods in Deep Learning (2019)
    Supervisor: Tan Bui
  • Shape Analysis of the Right Ventricle (2019)
    Supervisor: Michael Sacks
  • Using an Adaptable Discontinuous Galerkin Solver for Tidal Simulation of the Ria Formosa Lagoon (2019)
    Supervisor: Clint Dawson
  • Imaging-based Analysis Methods for Tricuspid Valve Annuloplasty Rings (2019)
    Supervisor: Manuel Rausch
  • Continuum Model of Thin Film Polymer Interfaces (2019)
    Supervisor: Greg Rodin
  • Active Feature Selection in Deep Reinforcement Learning (2019)
    Supervisor: Ufuk Topcu