Last Updated: October 20, 2019

What is the schedule for the hiring process?

The hiring process will continue until all nine positions are filled. The search will continue over several years.

When will interviews begin?

Interviews will be on-going in the area of computational medicine.

Do Oden Institute's Core Faculty have appointments in academic departments?

Yes. All Oden Institute's Core Faculty who are hired under this initiative will have a teaching position in an academic department with a regular teaching and advising load. Faculty hired under this initiative will also be expected to teach Institute courses in CSEM. The Oden Institute is not an academic department - it is an interdisciplinary research institute with participating faculty from various departments. However, Oden Institute has a degree program in CSEM.

Are these tenured faculty positions?


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Are non-residents invited to apply?

Yes. This position is open to non-residents.

Are these faculty positions nine months or twelve months?

The positions are nine month academic positions.