Oden Institute Reports are authored by Oden Institute Faculty, in collaboration with other Researchers, Visiting Scholars, Post-Doctoral Fellows, and CSEM Students under their supervision. Although they may represent the work of a single Oden Institute Faculty member, the reports are more often a collaboration, and are meant to be a temporary outlet for the work prior to publication in refereed journals and conference proceedings. Oden Institute Report are not meant to be an outlet for the work of non-Oden Institute researchers, scholars, or students that was completed elsewhere, without Oden Institute Faculty collaboration and/or without direct support from Oden Institute contracts (where such collaboration/support has been noted in an "Acknowledgements" section).

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19-15 — “Fast integration of DPG matrices based on tensorization (Part II—Prismatic elements)”

Jacob Badger, Stefan Henneking, and Leszek Demkowicz

August 30, 2019

19-14 — “Construction of DPG Fortin Operators Revisited”

Leszek Demkowicz

August 23, 2019

19-13 — “Learning physics-based reduced-order models for a single-injector combustion process”

Renee Swischuk, Boris Kramer, Cheng Huang, and Karen E. Willcox

August 15, 2019

19-12 — “An adaptive space-time phase field formulation for dynamic fracture of brittle shells based on LR NURBS”

Karsten Paul, Christopher Zimmermann, Kranthi K. Mandadapu,Thomas J.R. Hughes, Chad M. Landis, and Roger A. Sauer

July 1, 2019

19-11 — “Computational Cardiovascular Analysis with the Variational Multiscale Methods and Isogeometric Discretization”

Thomas J.R. Hughes, Kenji Takizawa, Yuri Bazilevs, Tayfun E. Tezduyar, and Ming-Chen Hsu

June 28, 2019

19-10 — “Seamless integration of design and Kirchhoff-Love shell analysis using analysis-suitable unstructured T-splines”

Hugo Casquero, Xiaodong Wei, Deepesh Toshniwal, Angran Li, Thomas J.R. Hughes, Josef Kiendl, and Yongjie Jessica Zhang

June 11, 2019

19-09 — “A numerical simulation study of the dual role of 5α-reductase inhibitors on tumor growth in prostates enlarged by benign prostatic hyperplasia via stress relaxation and apoptosis upregulation”

G. Lorenzo, T.J.R. Hughes, A. Reali, and H. Gomez

May 28, 2019

19-08 — “A Tchebycheffian Extension of Multi-Degree B-Splines: Algorithmic Computation and Properties”

Rene R. Hiemstra, Thomas J.R. Hughes, Carla Manni, Hendrik Speleers, and Deepesh Toshniwal

May 22, 2019

19-07 — “The Double Adaptivity Paradigm (How to circumvent the discrete inf-sup conditions of Babuška and Brezzi) ”

Leszek Demkowicz, Thomas Führer, Norbert Heuer, and Xiaochuan Tian

May 21, 2019

19-06 — “Equivalent extensions of Hamilton-Jacobi Equations on Hypersurfaces”

Lindsay Martin and Richard Tsai

March 27, 2019