Oden Institute Reports

Oden Institute Reports are authored by Oden Institute Faculty, in collaboration with other Researchers, Visiting Scholars, Post-Doctoral Fellows, and CSEM Students under their supervision. Although they may represent the work of a single Oden Institute Faculty member, the reports are more often a collaboration, and are meant to be a temporary outlet for the work prior to publication in refereed journals and conference proceedings. Oden Institute Report are not meant to be an outlet for the work of non-Oden Institute researchers, scholars, or students that was completed elsewhere, without Oden Institute Faculty collaboration and/or without direct support from Oden Institute contracts (where such collaboration/support has been noted in an "Acknowledgements" section).

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19-08 — “A Tchebycheffian Extension of Multi-Degree B-Splines: Algorithmic Computation and Properties”

Rene R. Hiemstra, Thomas J.R. Hughes, Carla Manni, Hendrik Speleers, and Deepesh Toshniwal

May 22, 2019

19-07 — “The Double Adaptivity Paradigm (How to circumvent the discrete inf-sup conditions of Babuška and Brezzi) ”

Leszek Demkowicz, Thomas Führer, Norbert Heuer, and Xiaochuan Tian

May 21, 2019

19-06 — “Equivalent extensions of Hamilton-Jacobi Equations on Hypersurfaces”

Lindsay Martin and Richard Tsai

March 27, 2019

19-05 — “Strategy synthesis for surveillance-evasion games with learning-enabled visibility optimization”

Suda Bharadwaj, Louis Ly, Bo Wu, Richard Tsai, and Ufuk Topcu

March 20, 2019

19-04 — “Polynomial spline spaces of non-uniform bi-degree on T-meshes: Combinatorial bounds on the dimension”

Deepesh Toshniwal, Bernard Mourrain, and Thomas J. R. Hughes

March 15, 2019

19-03 — “Fast Formation and Assembly of Finite Element Matrices with Application to Isogeometric Linear Elasticity”

Rene R. Hiemstra, Giancarlo Sangalli, Mattia Tani, Francesco Calabro, and Thomas J.R. Hughes

March 15, 2019

19-02 — “Finite volume WENO schemes for nonlinear parabolic problems with degenerate diffusion on non-uniform meshes”

Todd Arbogast, Chieh-Sen Huang, and Xikai Zhao

February 28, 2019

19-01 — “Isogeometric Boundary Element Methods and Patch Tests for Linear Elastic Problems: Formulation, Numerical Integration, and Applications”

Matthias Taus, Gregory J. Rodin, Thomas J. R. Hughes, and Michael A. Scott

January 22, 2019

18-23 — “Polynomial splines of non-uniform degree on triangulations: Combinatorial bounds on the dimension”

Deepesh Toshniwal and Thomas J. R. Hughes

December 1, 2018

18-22 — “Multi-degree B-splines: Algorithmic computation and properties”

Deepesh Toshniwal, Hendrik Speleers, René R. Hiemstra, Carla Manni, and Thomas J. R. Hughes

November 28, 2018