University of Texas at Austin
JTO Fellowship Research Program

Peter O’Donnell Distinguished Researcher Award

The Peter O'Donnell Distinguished Research Awards Program, created in 2011, recognizes and rewards Institute core faculty who have demonstrated a sustained record of distinguished research in computational sciences and engineering. In particular, the award recognizes outstanding research records, impressive and sustained contributions to the Oden Institute and the CSEM graduate program, and the distinction the faculty's work and reputation brings to the Institute and the University.

The award includes a commemorative plaque and discretionary funds of $25,000 per year for up to four years to support research within the Institute. Awards are funded through an endowment.

Based on the availability of endowment earnings and the pool of eligible candidates (non-chair-holding Institute core faculty), typically one distinguished research award is made annually. The tentative target for the Program is to have three or four awards funded simultaneously by the endowment.