University of Texas at Austin

Alfredo Cardenas

Research Scientist Center for Computational Life Sciences and Biology


Alfredo Cardenas obtained BS and MS degrees in Chemistry at the Universidad Simon Bolivar in Venezuela, and a PhD in Chemistry at the University of Pittsburgh (2000). Before coming to UT Austin, he had a postdoctoral position at Cornell University (2000-2003) and then was an Assistant Professor of Chemistry at the University of South Florida (2003-2009).

He uses simulation techniques such as Molecular Dynamics and Milestoning, to study different dynamical events involving biological membranes. Permeation process of small solutes and peptides through membranes has been a major focus of his research in the last years. Also, he has simulated dynamical changes at the membrane-water interface in the presence of ions and heterogeneous membranes. Most of these studies have been done in close collaboration with labs performing the corresponding experimental measures.