University of Texas at Austin
O.A. ('DK') Ezekoye



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O.A. ('DK') Ezekoye

Affiliated faculty (non-Core)

W. R. Woolrich Professorship in Engineering

Professor Mechanical Engineering

Research Interests

Computational Mechanics


O.A. (DK) Ezekoye is the WR Woolrich Professor of mechanical engineering at the University of Texas at Austin. He has served on the UT faculty since 1993 and directs the UT Fire Research Group.  Dr. Ezekoye is a Fellow of the ASME, received the SFPE Lund award, NFPA Bigglestone best paper award for fire communication, and was awarded a National Science Foundation Early Career Award.     

Dr. Ezekoye and collaborators have published over 300 papers and reports on fire related topics.  He and his group have conducted research on many important fire problems including wildland fire spread to WUI communities, community-scale fire data analysis, compartment fire evolution, fire forensics analysis, firefighter ventilation tactics, fireground acoustics and PASS device audibility, and most recently lithium-ion battery fire hazards.