Clint Dawson

Clint Dawson

Clint Dawson earned his Ph.D. in mathematical sciences from Rice University. He is a professor of aerospace engineering and engineering mechanics and leader of the Oden Institute Computational Hydraulics Group. He holds the John McKetta Centennial Chair in Engineering. In September of 2020 he will become chair of the aerospace engineering and engineering mechanics department.

Dawson’s research interests include numerical methods for partial differential equations, specifically flow and transport problems in computational fluid dynamics; scientific computing and parallel computing; finite element analysis, discontinuous Galerkin methods; shallow water systems, hurricane storm surge modeling, rainfall-induced flooding; ground water systems, flow in porous media, geochemistry; data assimilation, parameter estimation, uncertainty and error estimation.

Dawson has authored or co-authored more than 175 technical articles in the areas of numerical analysis, numerical methods and parallel computing with applications to flow and transport in porous media, and shallow water systems. He has chaired the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics Activity Group on Geosciences, and has served on several conference organizing committees and review panels. In addition, he has served on numerous editorial boards, and is currently managing editor of “Computational Geosciences.”


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