University of Texas at Austin

Berkin Dortdivanlioglu

GSC Faculty Affiliated faculty (non-Core)

Assistant Professor Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering

Research Interests

Computational Mechanics


Berkin Dortdivanlioglu is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin. He completed his Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering at Stanford University in 2019, where he also received his M.S. in 2015. He received his bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering from Middle East Technical University in Turkey in 2013.

His research group develops advanced computational models and physics-based simulation techniques for i) enhancing our understanding of dynamic shape, topology, and functional changes in soft materials in nature, ii) elucidating the complete interplay between multi-physics materials and their physical/(bio)chemical stimuli, and iii) capturing lower-dimensional energetics linked to surfaces, interfaces, and fibers across multiple time and length scales for soft multifunctional materials.