Manuel Rausch

Originally from Germany, Dr. Rausch earned his PhD from Stanford University in 2013 before taking on the role of Director of R&D at a small medical device company. After a two year stint in industry, Dr. Rausch returned to academia as a post-doctoral fellow at Yale University. As of 2017, Dr. Rausch is an assistant professor at University of Texas, Austin's Department of Aerospace Engineering & Engineering Mechanics.

Dr. Rausch's research interests are focused on soft tissue biomechanics. He uses experimental as well as computational tools to characterize and understand the mechanical behavior of biological soft tissues such as myocardium, vascular soft tissue, heart valve tissue, and skin to improve diagnostic and therapeutic methods, and medical device design. ASE 5.236


Email: [252, 108, 129, 214, 254, 125, 77, 215, 240, 128, 134, 196, 257, 81, 148, 217, 244, 131, 116, 212, 199, 118, 131, 218]
Phone: 512-471-5147
Office: ASE 5.236
Secondary Office: EER 7.620