Angela Jarrett

Angela Jarrett

Dr. Angela Jarrett completed her Ph.D. at Florida State University in the Department of Mathematics in April 2016. Her research interests focus on the application of mathematics to biological processes, specifically with medical impact. Here at ICES, she focuses on developing mathematical formulations of the effects of various therapies on cell proliferation in tumors. Using different mathematical analyses, specifically uncertainty quantification, sensitivity analysis, and data assimilation, she aims to not only assess model structures, perform model reduction and parameter exploration, but search for biological meaning in the results to rigorously study cell proliferation in cancer models to help further develop our ability to predict the response of tumors to treatment.

She was the recipient of an ICES Postdoctoral Fellowship from 2016-18.

She is currently working under the supervision of Professor Tom Yankeelov.


Email: [114, 259, 128, 133, 257, 112, 213, 217, 81, 270, 147, 120, 263, 108, 212, 147, 118, 253, 148]
Office: POB 2.128