Prakash Mohan

Prakash Mohan

Prakash Mohan

Ph.D. Candidate:
Computational Science, Engineering, and Mathematics

Dissertation topic:
A predictive near-wall model for large eddy simulations with uncertainty estimates

Dr. Robert D. Moser

Prior Degrees:
M.S. (2017) – Computational Science, Engineering, and Mathematics, UT Austin
B.Tech. (2011) – Aerospace Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Madras

Research interests:
Wall models for large eddy simulation of turbulent flows
Calibration, validation and uncertainty quantification for predictive models
High performance computing

Current research:
Prakash works in Dr. Robert Moser’s Center for Predictive Engineering and Computational Science (PECOS) developing near-wall models for large eddy simulations. The goal of his research is to formulate an approach that is capable of performing predictive simulations of practical flows which are typically at high Reynolds numbers. The approach used here will be useful in engineering design, for instance in simulating a reacting flow inside a jet engine. It can also be applied to modeling atmospheric flows and can provide a basis for better weather prediction simulations.

Recent publications:
P. Mohan, N. Fitzsimmons, R. D. Moser. Scaling of Lyapunov exponents in homogeneous isotropic turbulence, Physical Review Fluids, 2, 114606 (2017).


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