Bryan Reuter

Bryan Reuter

Bryan Reuter

Ph.D. Candidate:
Computational Science, Engineering, and Mathematics

Dissertation topic:
Direct Numerical Simulation of the temporally-evolving reacting jet for model error assessment of RANS-based closures for non-premixed turbulent combustion

Robert Moser

Prior Degrees:
M.S. (2016) – Computational Science, Engineering, & Mathematics; The University of Texas-Austin
M.S. (2013) -- Mechanical Engineering; Purdue University
B.S. (2011) – Applied Mathematics, Engineering, and Physics; University of Wisconsin-Madison

Research focus:
My research focuses on Direct Numerical Simulation (DNS) of the reacting, turbulent jet for the purpose of interrogating Reynolds-Averaged Navier-Stokes (RANS) models for turbulent combustion. The simulations are designed such that the model error from the turbulence and the turbulence-chemistry interaction closures is isolated from the error arising from the chemical kinetics. A better understanding of these errors will aid in the development of model inadequacy representations for RANS combustion models.

Research interests:
Turbulence, Direct Numerical Simulation, turbulent combustion, model inadequacy, uncertainty quantification, mathematical modeling
Professional Organizations:
Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, American Physical Society

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