Teresa Portone

Teresa Portone

Teresa Portone

Ph.D. Candidate:
Computational Science, Engineering, and Mathematics

Dissertation topic:
Model inadequacy representations with applications to models for anomalous dispersion

Dr. Robert D. Moser

Prior Degrees:
M.A. (2016) – Computational Science, Engineering, and Mathematics; UT Austin
B.S. (2013) – Mathematics, The University of Alabama

Math Numerical Track

Italian, Photography

Research interests:
Teresa's interests lie in developing techniques for validation and uncertainty quantification of models for complex systems as well as computational methods for large-scale inverse problems and Bayesian inference. She works in Dr. Robert Moser’s Center for Predictive Engineering and Computational Science (PECOS) developing a representation for predictive uncertainty caused by model inadequacy. She is currently developing an uncertainty representation to account for missing microstate information when using a gradient-diffusion closure model for contaminant dispersion through a heterogeneous porous medium.

Recent publications:
Portone, T., McDougall, D., & Moser, R. D. (2017). A Stochastic Operator Approach to Model Inadequacy with Applications to Contaminant Transport. arXiv preprint arXiv:1702.07779.


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Office: POB 6SEo2D