Shaolie Samira Hossain

Shaolie Hossain

Shaolie Hossain

Associate Research Professor , Oden Institute for Computational Engineering and Sciences, The University of Texas at Austin
Senior Research Scientist, Department of Molecular Cardiology, Texas Heart Institute, Houston

Dr. Shaolie Hossain is an Associate Research Professor in the Computational Mechanics Group at the Oden Institute. She is also a Senior Research Scientist in the Molecular Cardiology Department at the Texas Heart Institute (THI) in Houston. Dr. Hossain spearheads a joint initiative between THI and the Oden Institute for developing simulation technologies that exploit advances in computational methods to further our understanding of vascular disease and directly guide the conceptualization, development, and clinical evaluation of new therapies. She is a mechanical engineer by training, specializing in computational fluid dynamics, cardiovascular biomechanics, isogeometric analysis, and patient-specific modeling. Her research interests include cerebrovascular and cardiovascular diseases, nanomedicine delivery and transport.


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Phone: 512-232-7771
Office: POB 5.420