Oden Institute Faculty, Visitors, Researchers, Students & Staff

During 2017 there were almost 400 faculty, research staff, administrative and systems support staff, students, and visitors involved in various programs and research initiatives supported by the Institute. These people include:


  • 114 CSEM Faculty
  • 48 Oden Institute Core Faculty
  • 79 Postdocs, Research Associates, and Research Fellows
  • 29 Administrative Staff
  • 75 CSEM Students
  • 46 Visitors (participants in the JTO Visiting Faculty Program)



Oden Institute Core Faculty are a subset of the CSEM Faculty who maintain Oden Institute research projects, serve on Oden Institute and CSEM committees, direct CSEM PhD student dissertations, mentor Oden Institute postdoctoral researchers, teach CSEM courses, organize Oden Institute seminars and workshops, and generally contribute to furthering the international stature of Oden Institute. (CSEM faculty are nominated to become core faculty by existing core faculty; nominations are subject to approval by the director.) Contact information for Oden Institute people is available by accessing the relevant navigation options or by accessing the UT Austin Student, Faculty and Staff Directory.