University of Texas at Austin


Postdoctoral Researcher Wins Schmidt Science Fellowship

By John Holden

Published Sept. 23, 2022

Samuel Greene

Congratulations to Samuel Greene, a postdoctoral fellow at the Oden Institute and winner of a 2022 Schmidt Science Fellowship, the philanthropic initiative of Eric and Wendy Schmidt.

During his PhD at Columbia University, Greene developed mathematical methods for simulating the quantum mechanical behavior of electrons in molecules and materials. As a Schmidt Science Fellow working with Donald Siegel, Chair of the Walker Department of Mechanical Engineering and core faculty at the Oden Institute, Greene is applying more approximate quantum mechanical simulation techniques to new materials for energy storage. He aims to reveal the mechanisms that lead to capacity loss, catastrophic failures, and slow charging in today’s lithium-ion batteries by simulating the flow of lithium ions through electrolyte materials.

Greene's research has the potential to lead to advancements that could accelerate the mass adoption of electric vehicles and increase our capacity to store excess renewable electricity, reducing overreliance on fossil fuels.

Schmidt Science Fellows is the inaugural Program of Schmidt Futures. Now marking its fifth anniversary, Schmidt Science Fellows exemplifies Schmidt Futures’ mission by bringing the brightest minds together to solve society’s toughest challenges and now has 113 active and alumni Fellows representing 30 nationalities of origin. 

"I am grateful for this incredible opportunity to interact with and learn from the other Schmidt Science Fellows in my cohort," Greene said. "It is heartening to be joining a community of scientists so deeply committed to addressing society's most pressing problems.”