University of Texas at Austin


Carey Scholarship Winner Announced

Published May 21, 2020

Congratulations to Katharine Fisher, winner of the 2020 Graham F. Carey Undergraduate Scholarship in Computational Science. The 21-year-old undergraduate is currently finishing her third year of dual degrees in computational engineering and math at the Department of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics and the Department of Mathematics, respectively.

The scholarship recognizes and supports the studies of exceptional undergraduate students at The University of Texas at Austin and was created by the Oden Institute for Computational Engineering & Sciences to honor Professor Graham F. Carey for his outstanding contributions to the field. Katharine Fisher will receive a cash award of $2,500 and a certificate.

“I am thrilled to be receiving this award,” Katharine said. “The recognition is an affirmation of all of my hard work and interest in computational science and engineering (CSE). I plan to have a career in this field and I feel like I am taking the right steps. Methods from CSE can be applied in so many fields and studying in this area helps me see the connections between them.”

An increasing number of UT Austin students, at every level, are showing greater interest and promise in CSE. “I enjoy the process of working on code and math problems and figuring out why I may get unexpected results,” said Fisher. I am very excited by the potential of everything I have been learning as an undergraduate, and I know there is so much more for me to learn in CSE. That’s why I am planning to go to graduate school, and I hope to work as a researcher, probably at a university or national lab.”

She will be presented with the award certificate in person at the Oden Institute Awards Ceremony expected to be held in August 2020.