University of Texas at Austin

Guidelines for the Dissertation Defense

  • Follow all steps outlined by the Graduate School's Graduation Deadlines and Submission Instructions page.
  • Key timelines to note:
    • Your committee should receive a copy of your dissertation at least one month before you plan to defend.
    • The Request for Final Oral Examination Form must be submitted to the Graduate School at least two weeks in advance of the defense. Submitting this form officially schedules your defense with the university.
  • Contact the CSEM Graduate Coordinator once you have selected a date for the defense. The Graduate Coordinator will send the Request for Final Oral Examination form to your committee for signatures.
  • When scheduling your defense, 2 hours should be sufficient, but it is suggested that you schedule a 3-hour time slot when making your room reservation to allow time for set-up (refreshments, seating, media) and if the defense runs longer than expected. It is your responsibility to make sure the room is clean after the defense.
  • To reserve a room in POB (including 4.304 or 6.304), go to Oden Institute Room Reservations .
  • The defense must be announced publicly to the Oden Institute. Send the following information to at least 2 weeks before your defense so that it can be included in the Weekly Event Digest:
    • Date
    • Time (start and end time)
    • Location (if virtual, provide link for attendees)
    • Dissertation Title
    • Abstract
    • Brief bio (your name, dissertation advisor, degree level)