Yankeelov Featured on National Cancer Research Podcast

Dr. Tom Yankeelov speaks about the importance of math in the future of oncology during a 25-minute podcast on the Susan G. Komen organization website.

The Susan G. Komen More Than Pink Podcast featured Oden Institute Professor Tom Yankeelov and his research to improve patient care by employing advanced imaging methods for the early identification, assessment, and prediction of tumors’ response to therapy.

“Once a discipline becomes mathematized we get very good at it very rapidly. The number of options to try to understand a phenomenon are infinite and
without a mathematical theory you’re left with trial and error and unfortunately in oncology that’s what we have, we have a clinical trial system. But once you mathematize a subject you can start making very precise predictions," Yankeelov said on the importance of math in the future of oncology.

He develops tumor forecasting methods by integrating advanced imaging technologies with patient-specific data and builds predictive, multi-scale biophysical models of tumor growth with the purpose of optimizing therapies for the individual cancer patient.

The Susan G. Komen More Than Pink Podcast is designed to give listeners an insight on what is happening in the field of breast cancer research, treatment, screening and survivorship. Through each episode, experts in various fields share their knowledge through guided conversations on a variety of topics.

"Dr. Yankeelov...and his team are working to solve the breast cancer equation," says the site's promotion. "You won't believe how it works - solving for X has never been more exciting!"

Posted: March 14, 2019