Amir Gholami wins Best Student Paper at SC '17

Amir Gholami's thesis won the Best Student Paper Award at SC ’17. Gholami was a CSEM student supervised by ICES Professor George Biros,

The paper, "A Framework for Scalable Biophysics-Based Image Analysis," detailed tumor modeling, and referenced work by Postdoctoral Researcher Andreas Mang when he was with Biros' Parallel Algorithms for Data Analysis and Simulation Group. Mang now serves as an assistant professor at the University of Houston.

The paper included significant contributions from Klaudius Scheufele a visiting student from the University of Stuttgart and his advisor Professor Miriam Mehl; and Christos Davatzikos from the University of Pennsylvania.

Amir and his team developed parallel algorithms that couple medical image registration with tumor growth. These methods are used in analysis of magnetic resonance images for brain tumors, and in particular, gliomas.

Overall acceptance of student papers for the conference is 18 percent, with typically 500 submissions and about 80 papers accepted. Of those, five papers get nominated for best student, and of those one wins.

Amir, who recently graduated, was the lead author, and the paper was part of his thesis.

Amir is currently a postdoctoral student at Berkeley.

Posted: Jan. 11, 2018