Spain's El Mundo features Oden and Hughes

El Mundo characterized ICES Director Tinsley Oden and ICES Professor Thomas Hughes as "rock stars" attending the International Association for Computational Mechanics (IACM) biennial conference.

"Arguably Hughes and Oden are the Rolling Stones of this scientific field, both by age and by the admiration generated in their wake, which are specified in effusive congratulations on inspiring careers," began the publication boasting more than 1 million readers.

"Hughes and Oden, both former presidents and founders of IACM, have the wisdom of the respected teacher--both teach at the University of Texas at Austin--and seem to know that non-specialists would be surprised to hear this field allows greatly reduced costs for everyday products. 'People are very surprised about how industry uses numerical methods,' Oden is convinced. 'The whole process of creating a potato chip to eat or a soap to wash clothes now involves computational mechanics.'"

El Mundo continues with a discussion of computational mechanics' contribution to aerospace and, in Dr. Hughes' case, to the future of human medicine. "The impact on human health will be tremendous."

The full story appeared July 25.

Posted: July 29, 2014