Blitz May 7


Blitz Presentations: 1. Using mathematical models to understand clinical phenomena, 2. Pressio – A framework for intrusive model reduction, 3. Scalable DPG-based finite element solver: a tale of the tortoise and the hare.
Friday, May 7, 2021
2PM – 3PM
Zoom Meeting

1: Allison Torsey, 2: Samuel Majors, 3: Jacob Badger

Three CSEM Graduate students summarize some of their current work.

1: Allison Torsey is a second-year PhD student in Dr. David Paydarfar lab group in the Dell Medical School. Her work mainly revolves around understanding apneas in premature infants and modeling lung dynamics.

2: Samuel Majors is a second-year PhD student with a background in aerospace engineering. He is advised by Dr. Karen Willcox, and works on model reduction for supersonic and hypersonic flows in collaboration with Sandia National Laboratories.

3: Jacob Badger is a second-year PhD student working with Dr. Leszek Demkowicz. He received his BS in Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering from Brigham Young University, where he was introduced to computational modeling through work on curved-fold origami.

(The CSEM Student Forum is a seminar series given by current CSEM graduate students to their peers. The aim of the forum is to expose students to each other's research, encourage collaboration, and provide opportunities to practice presentation skills. First- and second-year CSEM students receive seminar credit for attending. Blitz presentations are given by multiple second-year students who will summarize some of their current work and the work within their research groups.)

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Hosted by Shane McQuarrie

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