Efficient Design

Designing next-generation rocket engines

Design decisions require predictions of rocket engine performance as a function of geometry and operating conditions. Numerical simulation can help predict the combustor temperature field and the engine stability, giving valuable design insight before investing in million-dollar experimental tests.

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Oden Institute Willcox Research Group

Designing next-generation rocket engines

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) can model the complex multiscale interactions between the flow and chemistry. These physics-based models represent the governing laws of conservation of mass, momentum, energy and chemical species.

However, full 3D CFD models take months to run a single analysis.

Low-dimensional models built from simulation and experimental data can provide rapid but accurate estimates to support design decisions and uncertainty quantification.

Simulation data from large-scale rocket combustor codes

Laws governing conservation of mass, momentum, energy & chemical species

Low-dimensional model that gives rapid predictions of rocket combustor dynamics, for use in design and uncertainty quantification