Center for Big Data Analytics

The Center for Big Data Analytics (CBDA) is an interdisciplinary research center focusing on large-scale data analysis.

CBDA conducts fundamental research in the computational analysis of massive data sets that arise in various scientific and industrial applications. The uniqueness of the center stems from interdisciplinary research conducted by computer scientists, applied mathematicians, and statisticians with applications stemming from diverse areas, for example, network analysis, predictive modeling, bioinformatics, etc. The research conducted focuses on (i) mathematical modeling of big data, (ii) developing new statistical methods for analysis of high-dimensional data, (iii) exploiting new parallel computer architectures for developing fast and memory-efficient software, and (iv) developing data analytic solutions for challenging applications, such as, bioinformatics and neuroscience.

The center enables pursuit of grand-challenge problems in big data analytics and involves collaboration with Oden Institutes’ Distributed and Grid Computing Research Center, and Center for Computational Visualization, as well as UT’s Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, and UT’s Biology departments.

CBDA Website: